8 Most Awesome Cinema in the World

1. Electric Cinema, England

This cinema is so awesome, they have sofas, armchairs and beds all in one hall. Mostly lined in red velvet, the cinema almost makes you feel like you’re about to have a chill and enjoyable evening with the queen.

Usually the front row seats in cinemas are the worst, but nope, not in the Electric Cinema. Because the front rowin lines with super wide beds that will make sure you don’t come out with a sore neck!

Electric Cinema, England 

2. Cine de Chef, Seoul, Korea

Ever felt like typical cinema chairs are just so dang uncomfortable? Check out this cinema where you can kick your feet up, lean back, and enjoy the movie on a wide-screen. Oh, not to mention, this cinema even have motion seats so you can experience the movie in 4D.

Cine de Chef, Seoul, Korea

3. Velvet Class, Blitz Megaplex Pacific Place, Indonesia

As one of the biggest cinemas in Indonesia, of course Blitz Megaplex would have a special hall called “Velvet Class” located only in Pacific Place. This hall has no such thing as ‘seats’ as they are all replaced by luxurious looking beds. They even have side tables for you to place your items, and include pillows for extra comfort, as well as a nice thick blanket to keep you warm.

Velvet Class, Blitz Megaplex Pacific Place, Indonesia

4. IKEA Bedroom Cinema, Moscow, Russia

Have you ever walked into IKEA and just felt like you want to sleep in their beds, maybe cuddle with a loved one and watch a movie? Well, there’s an IKEA themed cinema for you to live your dreams! Although, you might have to travel quite a bit to get to your dreams as this cinema is located in Mother Russia.

IKEA Bedroom Cinema, Moscow, Russia

5. Beanieplex, TGV, Malaysia

Our very own Malaysia is in the list too! If those super cool cinemas are just too far away for you, there’s the awesome Benieplex in certain TGV cinemas around Malaysia too. These seats are literally beanbags where you can melt into and enjoy your movie. They are available in 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Setiawalk, Tebrau City, Bukit Indah, and 1st Avenue.

Beanieplex, TGV, Malaysia

6. Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon, Thailand

If you thought having beds in cinemas were cool, well Paragon Cineplex just one-upped every other cinemas. Not only do they have cozy beds to enjoy your movies in, they even have servers specifically for you! Be prepared to fork out a bit more cash than usual though because tickets for this awesome experience will cost you about RM380.

Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon, Thailand

7. Buda Bed Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

If you want a full bedroom experience, check out the Buda Bed Cinema in Hungary. Just lay down and enjoy the movie as if you were at home. The beds there are so huge you could fit a family of four into one bed. Just be careful not to fall asleep!

Buda Bed Cinema, Budapest, Hungary

8. Cine Thisio, Athens, Greece

Athens is home to multiple outdoor movie theaters that crop up during the summer but none provide as majestic a view as Cine Thisio. From your seat at Cine Thisio you not only get to view the latest blockbuster but also the Acropolis, and the Parthenon that sits on top. The best view is at night.Cine Thisio is the oldest outdoor movie theater in Athens, built in 1935, and is usually open from April to October. Cine Thisio shows both first-run studio releases and classic movies.

Cine Thisio, Athens, Greece

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