Filipino student takes a cardboard cutout of his late mother to a graduation ceremony

Without fear of exaggeration, we can say that a relationship between a mother and a child usually ends up being the most important one in an individual’s life.

Probably the first bond established, it usually ends up being the defining one. It influences various areas in life, including love, friendship or even behavior at work.

On 16th July 2019, a fresh Filipino graduate named Paulo John shared a photo from his graduation ceremony of himself and his mother. Except what differentiates Paulo’s photo from all the rest is the fact that the woman posing in the picture is actually a 157cm (5’2″) life-size cutout of Paulo’s late mother.

According to Paulo, his mother always had a very good relationship with her children. She promised Paulo to attend his graduation ceremony, however,  she passed away due to pneumonia in August 2016 before she could fulfill her promise.

On his twitter, Paulo Alinsog wrote a caption to go along with the photo: “To my most beautiful mother! Ma, your eldest has graduated I hope you’re happy in the presence of God. I finished school because this is what you wanted. I love you very much.”

His post went viral thrilling everyone, “I really didn’t expect this at all, I just wanna thank everyone and tell them they should always love and honor their parents,”