The VI annual Kharkov Aviation Festival will delight guests with a new extensive flight program, an exciting format of ground-based locations, a large number of amazing entertainments and activities, as well as a number of exhibitions of achievements of science and technology, works of culture and art, and most importantly – a friendly and inspiring atmosphere!

Ukrainian Aviation Day and Knowledge Day is celebrated with a grand air show at the Korotich airfield in Kharkov!

Both days on the territory of the Korotich airfield, guests of the holiday will watch a continuous six-hour air show! Aerobatics, colorful demonstrations by paratroopers, new and already beloved aircraft, surprises from the aerobatic team of the Kharkov flying club, single, twin and group aviation numbers in conjunction with the ground program will give unrivaled emotions and inspiration.

Everyone will be able to fulfill their dreams of flying and ascend into the sky with our instructors. Of course, on each festival day we will play three flights – on the An-2, Yak-52 and the jet L-29!

The key event of our holiday is an extensive exhibition of aviation equipment – aircraft flight from all airfields of the country. Communication with aviators and instructors, aircraft designers and technical staff will convince you that flying is not only interesting, but affordable! A bright photo on the background of technology will leave pleasant memories.

On the Day of Knowledge, there is a thematic program on the stage, and on the site is a special territory for schoolchildren and students, where you can participate in interesting contests, test your knowledge in different industries, and acquire everything you need for classes.

 KharkivAviaFest – 2019  Program outline

✔ Original aviation numbers, parade of aircraft, aerobatics with the participation of pilots and aircraft from all over the country – 6 hours in the sky

✔ Parachutist demonstrations – teamwork in the air and spectacular touchdowns

✔ Introductory flights and jumps in tandem with an instructor for everyone                           

✔ Air show – an open demonstration site for airplanes and helicopters

✔ Popular music bands Stereobit and MANERA

✔ Show of crazy scientists on the main stage and interactive in a dedicated area

✔ Rally flight at the Korotich aerodrome

✔ Exhibition of equipment for emergency response

✔ Retrozone – old and rare auto and motorcycle equipment, shots from idle weapons, reconstruction of locations of the Second World War, themed costumes

✔ Exhibition of aircraft models

✔ Exhibition of weapons, shooting gallery, paintball

✔ Presentation of auto news, action numbers with the participation of modern cars, test drive

✔ Exhibition of original statues and sculptures

✔ Art sites

✔ Exhibition of achievements of science and technology from specialized universities and institutions of Kharkov

✔ Master classes “City of Masters” – folk crafts, needlework and creative activities

✔ Tw o large food court areas, relax area

✔ Children’s town, entertainments and adventures for big and small, quests, games and attractions, animation, experiments and scientific experiments

✔ Fair with aviation paraphernalia, items of clothing and souvenirs

✔ Thematic school fair – new books, stationery and everything you need for classes and study

❕ August 31 – September 1 from 11.00 – Korotich airfield ❕

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