Meet Mr. Richmond Danquah CEO of RD Bass ConsultZ.

Richmond Danquah CEO of RD Bass ConsultZ.

Mr. Richmond Danquah, a versatile musician who started playing the bass guitar at the age of 18 is the CEO of RD Bass ConsultZ. With hard work, dedication and persistence in his practice, he has grown to become an exciting and renowned bassist. He initially started as a drummer at the age of 16 and learned how to play the keyboard as well but picked up the bass guitar a few years later. Richmond is currently endorsed as an International Artist for MTD bass guitars as well as an endorsed Bartolini Emerging Artist. Representing these two companies has been an amazing achievement as a young entrepreneur and musician. He attributes his success to God knowing that without Him he would not have come this far in life. Richmond’s debut album dubbed ‘’Heaven’s Dew’’ is available on all online stores and is blessing nations. Throughout his journey of bass playing, he has always had the passion to help other musicians develop their talents. This great burden led to the establishment of RD Bass ConsultZ.

Profile of RD Bass ConsultZ

RD Bass ConsultZ is a music consultancy that was founded in December, 2016. We offer both online and face to face bass tutorials as well as organizes workshops for musicians. We are tailored in providing you with all the professional support you need in your bass playing journey.


To build a strong world empire of amazing bass players and musicians.


Our mission is to foster and develop the knowledge and skills level of musicians. Practicing and having an in-depth knowledge of what you do is a necessary requirement to develop your craft and build your capacity.


  • In the year 2017, RD Bass ConsultZ came out with a DVDBassLessons which served as a great tool for all level of bass players. Its availability online made it possible to serve musicians in the world with bass players in Ghana, United Kingdom, United States of America, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, Holland, Ukraine, Australia and other parts of the world having their copies of our DVDBassLessons. The impact has been tremendous and we are grateful to God.
  • Bass Connect: Bass Connect is a program aimed at bringing musicians together to learn, share ideas and interact with each other to build a strong empire of bass players and musicians. It is organized by RD Bass ConsultZ and it usually takes the form of a workshop. The maiden edition was held in Kumasi, Ghana in April 2018. There were two other editions held in Ghana with locations been Sunyani and Accra respectively. In all we had four editions of BassConnect in the year 2018 with the final edition taking place in Lagos, Nigeria. The attendance to our workshops has been overwhelming and we recorded 98 participants during the Nigeria edition of BassConnect and 140 participants during the Accra edition. BassConnect is a yearly event and preparations are been made to have at least three editions in different countries in the year 2019.



Mobile: +233262459117 / +233548414454

Facebook: RD Bass ConsultZ

Instagram: rdbass_consultz

Twitter: RD Bass_ConsultZ

YouTube: Richmond Dan

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