Being an international student often means that you’ll have to start a new life. Being able to feel at home and grow as a person depends on the people you meet and people that are around you. It’s really awesome meeting nice people, building strong friendship that eventually leads to families. Its feel so incredibly lucky to meet so many people across the world with different cultures and characters. Some of these people actually gives us good influence, bad influence, build us up or breaks us down, some lead us to our future destination whiles some are just there to be part of our history but in all we still achieve something from them. Coming from different places, yet starting the same adventure means that you have a lot to talk about. Building new friendships also means that those people will be around for personal moments such as the birthdays, passing difficult exams, dinner parties or feeling homesick. And not having your family around you all the time means that some friends will eventually become your small family so personally, I think all the awesome moment spent on campus as an international student should have a positive impact on others around you because you may not meet some of these people again.

Article by: Rexford West