The National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) Ukraine to hold its general assemble meeting at Kiev on Saturday, 30th november, 2019 . Accoding to source the meeting is going to be the most important meeting of the current administration led by Mustapha Abdul Mumin. The meeting is going to be held in a form of congress where all the leadership and membership of the union will meet.

The National Executive Council shall give a report on the state of the union so far and to which direction are they steering the union to.
This is the first general assembly meeting since the parliamentary system was adopted.

The meeting is going to have its main focus on transforming the National Union of Ghanaian Student Ukraine. The focus is going to be on making the union relevant for all and fostering the unity between the local branches to achieve various agendas.

The meeting shall encompass the following :
Reports from the leadership of the union ( National Executive Council, Judiciary Committee, Union Parliament, Special Select Committee of Inquiry, Union Historian and Local leadership) Spelling out and adopting the national agenda Award presentation for members.
Unity and linkup session.

All are cordially invited. Come and have a moment with all the great Ghanaian minds in Ukraine under one common roof .

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