The National Union of Ghanaian Students had their first General Assembly meeting which was held on 30th November, 2019 at Kazetsky Hotel on Aviakonstruktora Antonova Street 2/32, Kiev. The meeting commenced at exactly 11am and ended  at 3pm.

The various locals, led by their well-abled Presidents gave brief reports on the state of affairs of their

respective cities. The NEC and other governing officers also gave reports on their offices with the National President of the union  His Excellency Mustafa  Abdul Mumin addressing the public on the state of the union and presenting the National Agenda to the house. According to  the president, the agenda will later  be sent to parliament for acceptance and implementation. The Local Leadership and the National officers shall sign a treaty or agreement on their modus operandi.

Important keys of this first ever general meeting was;

● Strategic Plans to sail the union to a better recognised union.

● Making the union relevant for its members to make them palpate benefits of the


● School demanding pass mark of WAEC results for continuing students and non

science students and subsequently expelling from medical school

● Awards presentation, recognitions and appreciations

● key educational and entertainment events

● GMDC Proposals and steps taken

● unity fostering strategies

● increasing Demand from non Ghanaians wanting to join the union

● General Welfare Of Ghanaians

● Miss Ghana Ukraine

● extra benefit for being part of the student leadership

● Scholarship Secretariat

● Financially Independent union Direction

● website launch

● passport renewal and document legalisation.

To conclude, the platform was also opened to tangible questions relating the issues which were discussed  and the council did so well to produce answers as well as suggestions which were taken into consideration  for the betterment of the union .

Also the vice president  of National Executive Council , Evans Amoateng showed gratitude to all the executives and members who took some time off their busy schedules to make it to the meeting. He also wished them farewell back to their various city.

God bless us all and bless the union.


Pictures of the meeting below

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