The National Union of Ghanaian Students Ukraine has launched  its official website to help promote the union and its members. His excellency President Mustafa  Abdul Mumin the President of the union  gave a brief talk about the website on how the site is going to be useful for the betterment of the union   the launch  was announced at their first ever general assemble meeting which took place at Kiev on the 30th of November.

Services the website will be providing includes

Passport Renewal

At Nugs Ukraine we can help you with your passport renewal in an efficient safe and legit method that would keep you off the hassle and worries of this process

Emergency Travel Exit Document

Do you need to travel out of Ukraine urgently? Let Nugs Ukraine save you  the trouble of getting stressed out. We have experts that have done this uncountable times 


Legislation is one of the most important arms of government in organizing society and protecting citizens. It determines amongst others the rights and responsibilities of individuals the site also comes with an educational section which will enable students read online.

Kindly click (Home) below to access the website


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