You might have visit the airport and seen an aircraft parked or probably you have used it as a form of transport from one destination to another and may be wondering why an airplane has wings as compare to other form of transport.

Well, Wing in aeronautics is an airfoil that helps lift a heavier-than-air craft. When positioned above the fuselage (high wings), wings provide an unrestricted view below and good lateral stability. Parasol wings, placed on struts high above the fuselage of seaplanes, help keep the engine from water spray.

Wings are mostly constructed using aluminum but they can also be made using wood covered with fabric. Some aircrafts wings are made using a magnesium alloy. In modern aircrafts, stronger and lighter materials are used in wing constructions and throughout the airframe.

Wings made of carbon fiber also exist and there are also aircraft wings that are made using a combination of materials to provide maximum strength.

The internal structures of aircrafts wings are usually made of stringers and spars running spanwise and formers or bulkheads and ribs running chordwise – leading edge to trailing edge.

Spars are important structural members of an aircraft wings. They support distributed loads and concentrated weights like the landing gear, engines, and fuselage.

The skin carries part of the load imposed during flight. It is also responsible for transferring the stress to wing ribs.



Ashley Roxanne Peterson has become the youngest and first Black Osteopathic doctor in history

– Throughout Ashley’s life, she has always been the youngest in the classes she enrolled in

– Ashley is into medicine because of her passion to impact the lives of others, something which she learnt from her parents

Ashley Roxanne Peterson, 24, has become the first-ever Black person in history to become an Osteopathic doctor.

Her journey to becoming a doctor started at a young age when she embraced  the passion of serving others from her parents.According to, Ashley’s parents spent their lives in service to the military and education

Ashley became very interested in helping other people in society. As she grew, her interest in science also heightened and she decided to use that to fulfil her goal of impacting society.

Becoming the youngest and only black person to attain the feat is great, but not totally surprising. Reports indicate that Ashley has always had a record of being the youngest person in the classes she enrolled in.

She graduated from high school when she was only 15 and was able to enrol in university before turning 16. She was enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA.

When Ashley turned 19, she was able to start medical school and successfully graduate from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Not long after, the brilliant young woman also kick-started her family medicine residency at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2019.

With her interest still fixed on transforming lives and making an impact in the lives of others, Ashley did not just stroll through school. She put her spare time to good use which  benefited others.

As a student, she started up a medical blog known as ‘Daily Medicine’. The purpose of the initiative was to provide adequate information and assistance to students who had developed interest in pursuing medicine.

With the help of the initiative, dozens of students were able to gain admission into several medical schools.

In just a matter of three years, Ashley’s blog had 5,000 participants, over 100,000 engagements and 10 different fields of experts offering help on the platform.

Being the youngest in her class, Ashley says life had been tough. Her abilities were doubted on countless occasions but with perseverance, she was able to push through.One of her favourite lines is,

“if you fall nine times stand up ten times.”