Meet Benedicta Asante-Boateng who was Awarded by ICMA Kharkov, Ukraine.

Asante-Boateng Benedicta

Service to humanity as simple as critics makes it look like it involves a selfless act of total dedication taken up willingly by people bold enough to cause a change in the routines and charter a path that will improve the people’s well-being. Being a leader, to others is not a huge opportunity to use devious ways to enrich oneself instead “leadership is like nurturing a newborn; for the child to become what the parents wants him to become they must exhibit characters of their intention so the child can copy from” –says former leaders.

Miss Benedicta Asante Boateng, a young lady who is a medical student at the Karazin National University, Ukraine took a mandate on herself to serve the International Christian Medical Association (ICMA) for 52 weeks with a remarkable impact. All heads of the association agree to the fact that courage, boldness and well-spokenness are the strength of this courageous young lady. Eleanor Roosevelt said “A woman is like a tea bag-you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water”.

Asante-Boateng Benedicta

Her works and selfless dedication during her tenure for the first time had led to creating a new award category named after her “the Benedicta award of excellence” and of course won it for the first time.

Asante-Boateng Benedicta is a product of Wesley Girls’ High School, Ghana.

  Aside being a medical student, Benedicta Loves singing and dancing. She is Currently part of the Pentecost International Worship Centre drama and choreography group as well as the choir in Kharkov,Ukraine.

Asante-Boateng Benedicta

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