What quarantine in Ukraine means for foreigners

From 16 March, all foreign citizens are barred from entering Ukraine till at least 3 April. Here is some of the key information worth knowing about, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

While the whole country is in quarantine, all restaurants, bars and shopping malls are closed. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and gas stations are open. Subways are shut, while other forms of city public transport are allowed to take no more than 10 passengers at once. All domestic bus and train journeys are prohibited.
All international plane, train and air services are suspended from 17 March. The only way to enter Ukraine is through one of 123 checkpoints. You can check that they continue to operate here (marked green).

Who is allowed to enter?

  • people who have temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine
  • spouses and children of Ukrainian citizens
  • employees of foreign embassies and consular institutions accredited in Ukraine
  • offices of international missions and organisations accredited in Ukraine and their families
  • crew members of ships, cars and/or planes will be allowed to enter Ukraine after additional screening

Other cases have to be individually approved by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the State Border Service.

In case you develop symptoms of COVID-19

  1. call your insurance company

2. If you are suspected of having COVID-19, you will be sent to one of the designated infectious diseases hospitals according to the place of your temporary residence.

3. Do not go to the hospital by yourself, patients who experience symptoms compatible with coronavirus disease have to be taken there by a medical emergency team.

4. Emergency medical assistance is covered by the State of Ukraine.

5.When tested for the coronavirus, you must stay in hospital or in isolation and under observation.

6. If the patient is tested positive, he/she will receive medical care based on the contract on granting medical assistance and should stay in hospital or in self-isolation until full recovery and inform the health institution about the state of his or her health on a regular basis.

Hotline on COVID-19-


Source: Ukraineworld.org


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