The Vice President of NUGS-Ukraine Evans Amoateng Release a Press Statement on a Facebook live.

Fellow Ghanaians,
Good evening
My name is Evans Amoateng, the Vice President of NUGS UKRAINE and I’ll be addressing the Ghanaian student body in Ukraine on COVID 19 and it’s development.

I bring you greetings from the Ghana missions in Switzerland, the honorary consular, Dr. Albert Kitcher and the National Executives Council.

In December 2019, China reported its first COVID-19 case to the W.H.O. It has since then gone from an endemic to epidemic and now a pandemic as it was declared by the WHO on 11th March, 2020.

Currently UKRIANE has 113 confirmed cases of COVID-19. As we all know, the government of Ukraine has put in place different measure to decrease the spread of the disease which includes the quarantine period that started on 11th March and has been extended to 24th April as was announced by the Ukrainian government this morning.

As such, all activities of the union are to be done remotely. Pending activities of the union which includes but not limited to the grande finale of the medical quiz, the semifinal stage of the debate competition, the general assembly congress amongst others have been put on hold until further notice.

Going forward, the appropriate persons in charge of these programs will inform the general membership of the way forward. The National Presidency admonishes all structures and stake holders of the union to cease the opportunity that this quarantine period presents to finish all administrative works of the union and put in place measures that will help strengthen these structures.

As individuals, we’re encouraged to use this opportunity to learn new skills remotely and improve ourselves by engaging in different remote activities.

Take distance learning serious.

Actions taken by the union
Masks have been sent to the cities. Contact local President and executives
Hand sanitisers will be sent to the local presidents soon

Check website for update

Money transfer system available

Funds released for scholarship students.

scholarship students should send their personal bank details and school bank details to for the payment of their allowance and school fees. The earlier done ,the earlier they receive their funds.
Thank you


  1. A handy and useful tool to learn and prepare for your licensure examination and skills on the go
  2. A platform to improve your knowledge with easy to understand explanation and easy to remember.
  3. For all medical, dental and pharmacy students
  4. Examinations include KROK, IFOM (USMLE), GMDC (GHANA), MDCN (NIGERIA)
  5. Over 5000+ multiple choice questions with well-explained and easy to understand answers
  6. Over 2000+ theory and clinical based questions with well-explained and easy to understand answers.
  7. Mnemonics with key words (NB: ROW1 recommends that the mnemonics should be used as a supplement to the explanations and not a sole preparatory material)
  8. Bases (discipline based questions) and Booklets (yearly based questions) are all covered


  1. Wash hands very often
  2. Avoid touching faces
  3. Avoid crowded places
  4. Have enough sleep
  5. Eat good food.

I wish everyone all the best and please do take good care of yourselves. The union needs you alive, Ukraine and Ghana needs you alive. The world needs you alive.

God bless NUGS Ukraine
God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

Kindly follow the link below to watch.

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