✅ 10 COVID-19 cases in the Northern Region are citizens from other West African countries who entered the country illegally after borders had been closed.

✅ Over 800 persons under mandatory quarantine have been released and reunited with their families.

✅ Contact tracing efforts intensified as majority of persons who had come into contact with infected persons have been identified and undergoing tests.

✅ Ghana Health Service to receive reports on 15,384 persons who were identified following contact tracing efforts.

✅ The results would determine whether or not the 2-week lockdown would be extended or not.

✅ Appreciated donors of the National COVID-19 Trust Fund.

✅ Total amount of Ghc8,750,000 and US$600,000 have been accrued so far.

✅ Food being provided for about 400 households in Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Obuasi.

✅ ECG and GWCL directed to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity and water in these trying times.

✅ More PPEs being procured and Health Minister will ensure all health workers nationwide get enough PPEs.

✅ 3,600,000 face masks to be manufactured locally.

✅ Insurance sum of Ghc350,000 set aside for all health workers.

✅ Contact tracers to receive an allowance of Ghc150 daily.

✅ Health workers will not pay taxes on their emoluments for the next 3 months.

✅ They will receive a 50% allowance on their basic salary for the next 3 months – April, May, June.

✅ MMDAs outside the affected areas directed to carry out similar sanitation exercises in their various jurisdictions.

✅ President appreciates the citizenry, health workers, security agencies and all frontline actors in the fight against Coronavirus.

✅ Assures govt will work hard to provide all necessary support to aide in their work.

✅ Reports indicate that the Police, Military and other security agencies have discharged their mandate professionally.

✅ IGP, Chief of Defence Staff to investigate cases of security abuse on innocent civilians. Officers fund culpable will be taken of duty.

✅ President warns against the circulation of false videos of military officers abusing people alleging them to be officers of the Security agencies.

✅ Security agencies have vowed to uncover the source of all such videos and persons responsible for them.



Integrity: Adhering to moral principles, honesty and the equality or condition of being whole and undivided.

Cheating: to deprive someone of something valuable by the use of deceit.

Most, if not all of us need and very much desire physical intimacy (yes, sex). Can I say sx on here? I’m not sure but sx is like the greatest thing ever invented. It is right up there with eating and sleeping. Everyone likes it, everybody wants it but when someone is in an exclusive relationship with another, married or not, you don’t get to have sx with whoever you want anymore. True, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, no one is perfect and at sometimes we are weak for one reason or another but an honorable man or woman, a person with integrity and inner discipline recovers and learn from the mistake and doesn’t repeat it. That is not what cheaters do.

Cheaters are habitual. That means repeat offenders. Cheaters talk about things like honor and will power and integrity but they don’t practice in in the place it counts the most, with their beloved. With cheaters, it isn’t about a “Mistake”, a one-time thing they feel horrible about afterwards and promise themselves never to repeat. Cheaters simply don’t care. it’s not that they don’t care about the girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancé or spouse that they have made a promise of commitment to.

They do care, they just care more about themselves. It is the promise of faithfulness itself that is meaningless to them. It is simply empty of any real sincerity but the problem is that the promise is accepted by the loved on as sincere. That promise is relied upon and as important as though it were tangible. So irrespective of how much the cheater spits upon the promise every time he or she cheats, that promise is HOLY. Yes, that’s right “Holy”

What does that mean holy?

Like a church holy or holy water holy?

Well, one could argue that any promise is holy but how much more so when a person believes and loves and trust and love makes the promise holy. It is not the hollow promise itself, but the loving reliance upon the promise that creates the holiness. The pure beauty of love and faith that is returned exclusively to the beloved.

The true sadness is that the beloved will eventually find out about the cheater and then the house of cards will come tumbling down. not only is the relationship destroyed but the trust, faith and love is destroyed as well and it may be difficult to ever trust again and any relationship. Such immense pain can be caused. Amazingly, cheaters don’t seem to care or think about the consequences of these indiscretions. do any of them think ahead of time about the people and/god forbid, children that will be left lying if any in the wake of this utterly selfish act? The people that will be left trying to pick up the pieces of their hearts and try to rationalize whether anything that they believed in was real.


Information from patients recovering from the Hospital

U.S. Hospitals Say They're Ready for Coronavirus. Their Infection ...

Every day we are there:

1. Take Vit C-1000
2. Vitamin E.
3. 10:00 – 11:00 sunlight for 15-20 minutes.
4. Egg one item
5. Take a rest / get a 7-8 hour min
6. Drink 1.5 L of water daily and every meal should be warm (not cold).
That’s what we do at the hospital.

This is to tell all of us that the pH for the coronary virus varies from 5.5 to 8.5

What we need to do, to defeat the coronary virus, is to consume more alkaline foods above the virus’s pH level.

Some of them are:
* Lemon – 9.9 pH
* Lime – 8.2 pH
* Avocados – 15.6 pH
* Garlic – 13.2 pH *
* Mango – 8.7pH
* Tangerine – 8.5pH
* Pineapple – 12.7 pH
* Dandelion – 22.7 pH
* Orange – 9.2 pH

How did you know you had a coronavirus?

1. Itching in the throat
2. Dry throat
3. Dry cough
4. High temperature
5. Shortness of breath
6. Loss of smell and taste

So when you pay attention to these things quickly take warm water with lemon and drink.

Do not keep this information to yourself.

Kindly Share to all your family and friends.

Be careful n stay safe.

A landlord in Brooklyn canceled rent for hundreds of tenants

The New York Times has shared the inspiring story of humanity, about how Mario Salerno, who has 18 apartment buildings, say he did not want renters to stress about their payment during the coronavirus pandemic.

It all started when he put notices on his property saying that because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has brought life to a near standstill in New York City and caused an untold number of people to lose their jobs, tenants in the building did not need to pay April rent,

“STAY SAFE, HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS & WASH YOUR HANDS!!!” the landlord, Mario Salerno, wrote on the signs, which he posted at all of his 18 residential buildings in the borough.

Across New York City, landlords have started to panic as well, as it has become clear some tenants are unable to afford rent. Several surveys conducted last month estimated that 40 percent of renters in New York City, if not more, would not make April rent, which was due on Wednesday.

The trickle-down effect could be swift and devastating, according to landlords, leaving them scrambling to find ways to pay their own bills, such as water, sewer and taxes at their buildings.

“It is too soon to get an accurate gauge of how many renters withheld their April rent and what the fallout would be for landlords,” says New York Times reporter,  Matthew Haag.