The  National Union of Ghana Students NUGS – Kharkov, has started distribution of nose mask and hand sanitizer exercise.

Earlier this year when covid-19 Outbreak number keep increasing worldwide, The president of the union made an official visits to the various hostels in Kharkov and during the visit he highlightered on covid-19 and the measures the union is putting in-place.

According to the president of the union Kodzo Asamany and his vice Mona Malik, the welfare committee of the union will be distributing nose mask and hand sanitizers to each active members.

As the country is been locked down and everyone is experiencing quarantine, the public relation officer Obeng El-Pachris announced on their social media platform that on the 6th of April the president will be doing door to door distribution to all active members all they need is to give their house address as the president and the vice promised earlier.

The distribution exercise has actually began a video has been posted by RW media(students blog) Instagram page which the president and his media head Amos Ankoma giving some items to active members at Kharkiv National Airforce University hostel.

To support NUGS Kharkiv, kindly call the president on +38063437032.

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