I had come out of what I will call the most toxic relationship of my life. I had been made to feel so worthless I felt less of a human

To me that was it.
I was done.
I decided to close my mind to relationships and dating and I meant that indefinitely
I just wanted to concentrate on me…
Pick myself up and love myself
Make a better version out of myself
I relocated to start all over
I started a new job and grad school.
Life was good
I was doing me and living the best of my life
Ow yeah…there’s no denying the fact that I did feel lonely from time to time and even envied my friends and families who were either married or in stable relationships but Hey…I cannot come and kill myself
I was single and happy

Then an amazing thing happened
Two years on…while on my healing and loving myself adventure,I meet this wonderful guy
Very amazing dude
We clicked effortlessly
I could be me around him
We gossiped…we laughed…we travelled…it was good
To me, he was my ONE
I let go of myself easily for him
And yes he claimed me as much I did him

Fact, I was a little scared to loosen up in the beginning but he gradually pulled me into his world.
He proved himself
The early morning texts, the goodnight texts, and late-night calls.
We shared our past, the present and even planned the future.
He wanted to Wife me…yes he did
He updated me about every single happening in his life..
Life was super duper good
I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family about him.

Then things started changing
The texts were gradually reducing
Replies were getting delayed
Well the calls stopped coming in
And the “Network” and “I’m busy” complains…was just enough to make me sit up

I was hurt
I was broken
I have been rejected
The relationship ended even before it started
I blamed myself
Was I inadequate?
Was I not pretty enough?
No, I’m probably too fat or too skinny for him?
Maybe I wasn’t funny enough

I know these among other questions you have asked yourself while you wallowed in self-pity and drenched your pillow with your tears.
A relationship you highly expected is never gonna happen.

All the same…allow me to help you answer these questions.
You are more than Enough
You are beautiful.
You are handsome.
You are everything but unworthy
No he/she isn’t a bad person
He/she is just not yours

I understand it’s easier to get over a relationship that began and lasted for a while because with that you experienced both the good and bad so anytime you remember such you remember the bad and understand the reason why you had to walkout
But it’s not same for a relationship that ended before it even begun because with that you only witnessed the great and the good and anticipated the best but Hey…It is time and overdue to let go.

You can do it
Cry as much as you can
But get up afterwards
Dust off and keep going
You may never get closure but move on

Rejected doesn’t mean denied
Go out there and be the best version of yourself because you deserve every happiness you can ever think of.

Tindy Writes

Covid-19: Sarkcess Music Helping Out During This Pandemic Season.

HIGHEST & SMART! How Sarkodie Made Release Of Album Attractive ...

Undoubtedly, Sarkodie is one of the richest artistes, not just in Ghana but the whole of the African continent according to Forbes.

Many has describe African most favorite rapper Sarkodie most stingy musician in Ghana. During this season of covid-19, the sarkcess music boss has been trending base on what the world of public opinion (social media) describe him to be.

But on an recent interview with TV3 Ghana via Skype, Sarkodie made the public understand he does not feel comfortable doing good for others and talks about it.

Today a video is post on a fan page on facebook with the caption” Sarkcess Music Helping Out During This Pandemic Season … Stay Home Stay Safe #SpreadCalm not #fear #sarkcessmusic “by We Are Sark Addicts


video below

Also enjoy sarkodie interview with TV3 vis skype
HIGHEST & SMART! How Sarkodie Made Release Of Album Attractive ...