On April 7, 2020 evening after my daily studies as a student (Rexford West), I start my leisure time work that’s blogging so I found a story relating to covid-19 in my country (Ghana) and the article was about government putting some measures in place that those that the covid-19 lockdown has affected should call some particular number for food items. So after publishing, I posted the link on a youth social media page where we normally share Ideas. And I was like kindly inform your family’s home Both NDC and NPP are really working.

Then a little augment started some were saying is NPP in power so NDC has nothing to do with this some were also saying they are all working. Whiles the augment was going on a gentleman by name Kodzo Asamany decided to educate with is comment. And this is how he put it

They are all Ghanaians charle

Ghana is working

I believe if the opposition party was in power they would have done same considering the fact that it’s  an election year too. Everyone will take the advantage and do something to go in their favor. After all is the money NPP money? I believe its tax payers money included together with the funds being raised by both NPP and NDC fellows.

These funds thingy the president has set up, I’m sure NDC fellows are also contributing. We have private sectors like absa among the rest also giving out 1 million figures to support the fight. Are we saying the owner of absa is an NPP fellow that’s why he’s doing so? 

NPP and NDC are all donating. It can’t be done by one person sometimes we forget so soon. You remember  years back when Ebola came around for visiting, the opposition party quickly closed our borders and some health centers were set up for emergency cases if there happens to be any and we never even recorded cases but you know we do forget so soon which is understandable because if the mind is made up not to support you, no matter what you do, you wont get that support. Sometimes when you constructively criticize a government in power people think you are doing politics yet there are a lot of people who root for government in power but are suffering more than those in opposition so what’s the big deal here?

Sometimes your party will be in power but even food to eat will be a problem. Your parents will even be saying there is no money in the house.

Because of politics people can’t even be kind to others anymore because the moment they do it they will be called out and they will be mocked yet we are the same people sitting in various churches making several request from God. I believe it is time the typical Ghanaian youth apply wisdom in their decision making as to who they are rooting for. Enough of the family root politics where if i was born into a family where all members support one party, we also join the queue. It is that bad in such a way that even if one member of the family decides to support a political party different from the majority and he or she in a point in time going through a phase of difficulties, they would have to remind him or her of the political party this fellow supports which is rather sad in a typical Ghanaian home. I believe we should be able to support any political party of our choice but their works shouldn’t be undermined and also we should be able to take constructive criticism from opponents…

 ibe Ghana we dey, the future of our beloved country depends on our character in as much as we try to defend the wrongs of our leaders just because we are die hard fans and supporters, we also in a way embrace  and accept their failures. They keep spoon feeding us with failed policies and cant speak against it but when you do, you become a target of hatred.

Let’s wake up Chale NPP NDC we all be Ghanaians.