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The Chief Executive Officer of Engineers & Planners, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama over the weekend donated food items and undisclosed amounts of cash to the National Chief Imam, Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu, St. James Catholic Church-Osu, Christ the King Church and individual households within the greater Accra Region and its environs. The items would be distributed to about 10,000 households in deprived communities under the Greater Accra Region. This is expected to support the vulnerable during the lockdown period.

Among the items donated to the National Chief Imam, Sheik Nuhu Sharabutu, St. James Catholic Church-Osu, Christ the King Church and individual household during the partial lockdown period. The items included 5,000 bags of rice, 12,000 bottles of cooking oil and 20,000 cans of mackerel, this is to supports struggling families who are affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The items were distributed to the recipients in the various parts of the city by Mr. Mahama and his team of officers. The recipients expressed their gratitude to Mr. Mahama for his timely intervention with his donations. e !! Never stop doing little things for others , Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts .

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Blind Ghanaian Student Who Was Brutalised In Oxford Gets PhD Scholarship In Cambridge

Blind Ghanaian Student Who Was Brutalised In Oxford Gets PhD Scholarship In Cambridge

Ebenezer Azamati, the Ghanaian student who was brutalised in Oxford Union last year has been awarded a Cambridge International Scholarship to study a Ph.D. in Politics and International Studies.

After a rigorous application process, the University of Cambridge published its list of successful candidates on its website.

The Cambridge International Scholarship, established in the 1980s, provides financial assistance for outstanding students from outside the EU who, without help, would normally be unable to take up their places at Cambridge. The scholarship only selects applicants based on merit and not on financial need basis.

Azamati is expected to start his PhD in October 2020. His sterling academic performance at the University of Oxford and intellectual capabilities has earned him a place at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam College even before he would graduate from Oxford where he is reading an M.Phil in International Relations.

Before Oxford, Azamati studied for his undergraduate at the University of Ghana and later gained admission to read Master of Science in International Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Friends and lecturers have testified to Azamati’s academic prowess and debating skills.

In October last year, Azamati was in the news after he was manhandled during a debate session at the Oxford Union at the University of Oxford. His abuse led to the resignation of several leaders of the Union including the president of the Union after he admitted he couldn’t protect Azamati’s interest.

Top Causes Of Environmental Problems

Top 17 Environmental Problems | Renewable Resources Coalition

The environmental problems like global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change and many more affect every human, animal and nation on this planet. Over the last few decades, the exploitation of our planet and degradation of our environment have gone up at an alarming rate. As our actions have been not in favor of protecting this planet, we have seen natural disasters striking us more often in the form of flash floods, tsunamis and cyclones.

Different environmental groups around the world play their role in educating people as to how their small actions when combined together can play a big role in in protecting this planet. If you look at the environment around us, you can see that there are a number of issues that come to our attention. 

Below are list of environmental problems.

                                         Air Pollution 

Pollution of air, water and soil take a huge number of years to recover. Industry and engine vehicle fumes are the most obvious toxins. Substantial metals, nitrates and plastic are poisons in charge of pollution. While water contamination is brought about by oil slicks, acid rain, and urban sprawl; air contamination is created by different gasses and poisons discharged by businesses and manufacturing plants and burning of fossil fills; soil contamination is majorly created by mechanical waste that takes supplements out of the soil.

Water Pollution

Clean drinking water is turning into an uncommon thing. Water is turning into a monetary and political concern as the human populace battles for this need. Waste from industrial and agricultural activities pollute the water that is used by humans, animals and plants.

Soil and Land Pollution 

Land pollution simply means degradation of earth’s surface as a result of human activities like mining, littering, deforestation, industrial, construction and agricultural activities. Land pollution can have huge environmental impact in the form of air pollution and soil pollution which in turn can have adverse effect on human health.

                               Climate Change

Climate change is yet another environmental concern that has surfaced in last couple of decades. Environmental change has different destructive impacts that include, but are not limited to, the melting of polar ice, change in seasons, new sicknesses, and change in general climate situation.

Global Warming

 Environmental asset abuse is also an important environmental concern. Fossil fuel utilization brings about discharge of greenhouse gasses, which causes environmental change. However, individuals are taking endeavors to move to renewable energy sources.


Our woodlands create new oxygen and additionally help in managing temperature and precipitation. At present, timberland cover 30% of the area, but wooded areas are being lost on a regular basis because people are looking for homes, food, and materials. Deforestation is a huge problem and will just continue to get worse.

Increased Carbon Footprint

Temperature increases, like climate change, are the consequence of human practices, including the use of greenhouse gasses. When the atmosphere changes and the heat increases, it can cause a number of problems and start to destroy the world we live in.

Genetic Modification

Genetic modification utilizing biotechnology is called genetic engineering. Genetic engineering of food brings about expanded poisons and sicknesses as qualities from a hypersensitive plant can exchange to target plant. Some of these crops can even be a threat to the world around us, as animals start to ingest the unnatural chemicals and such.

Effect on Marine Life

The amount of carbon in the water and the atmosphere is continuing to be a problem in the world around us. The primary effect is on shellfish and microscopic fish, and it has similar effects to osteoporosis in humans.

Public Health Issues

The current environmental concerns represent a considerable measure of danger to well-being of people, and creatures. Dirty water is the greatest well-being danger of the world and poses a risk to the health and lifespan of people and animals.


The number of inhabitants in the planet is arriving at unsustainable levels as it confronts deficiency of assets like water, fuel and food. Overpopulation is one of the most important environmental concerns.

Loss of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is yet another casualty due to the impact of human beings on the environment. It is the result of 3.5 billion years of evolution. Habitat destruction is a major cause for biodiversity loss. Habitat loss is caused by deforestation, overpopulation, pollution and global warming

Household and Industrial Waste

The over utilization of assets and formation of plastics are making a worldwide emergency of waste transfer. Developed nations are infamous for creating an unreasonable measure of waste or junk and dumping their waste in the seas and, less created nations.

Ozone Layer Depletion

The ozone layer is an undetectable layer of protection around the planet that secures us from the sun’s unsafe beams. Depletion of the critical Ozone layer of the air is credited to contamination brought about by Bromide and Chlorine found in Chlorofloro carbons (CFC’s). When these poisonous gasses each the upper parts of the atmosphere, they cause a gap in the ozone layer, the greatest of which is over the Antarctic.


Mining results in extraction of minerals from earth’s core. These minerals also bring out harmful chemicals from deep inside the earth to the earth’s surface. The toxic emissions from mining can cause air, water and soil pollution.

Natural Resource Depletion 

Non-renewable resources are limited and will get expired one day. Consumption of fossil fuels at an alarming rate can lead to global warming which can further result in melting of polar ice caps and increase in sea levels.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, cyclones, volcanic eruption can be unpredictable, devastating and can cause irreparable damage. They can cause huge loss of life and properties.

Nuclear Issues

Radioactive waste is a nuclear fuel that contains radioactive substance and is a by-product of nuclear power generation. The radioactive waste is an environmental concern that is extremely toxic and can have devastating effect on the lives of the people living nearby, if not disposed properly. Radioactive waste is considered to be harmful for humans, plants, animals and surrounding environment.

Loss of Endangered Species

Human overpopulation is prompting the elimination of species and environmental surroundings and the loss of various biomes. Environmental frameworks, which took a huge number of years to come into being, are in risk when any species populace is huge.

Acid Rain

Acid rain happens because of the vicinity of specific poisons in the climate. Corrosive downpour might be brought about because of use of fossil fuels or volcanoes or spoiling vegetation which discharge sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air.

Agricultural Pollution

Modern day agriculture practices make use of chemical products like pesticides and fertilizers to deal with local pests. Some of the chemicals when sprayed do not disappear and infect seeps into the ground and thereby harms plants and crops. Also, contaminated water is used for irrigation by farmers due to disposal of industrial and agricultural waste in local water bodies.

Light and Noise Pollution

 Noise pollution is another common form of pollution that causes temporary disruption when there is excessive amount of unpleasant noise. Construction activities, industrialization, increase in vehicular traffic, lack of urban planning are few of the causes of noise pollution.

Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl alludes to relocation of populace from high thickness urban ranges to low density provincial zones which bring about spreading of city over more rustic area. Urban sprawl brings about expanded movement, environmental concerns and well-being concerns.

Medical Waste

Medical waste is any kind of waste that is produced in large quantity by healthcare centers like hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and is considered to be of a bio-hazardous nature. The waste can include needles, syringes, gloves, tubes, blades, blood, body parts and many more.

Littering and Landfills

Littering simply means disposal of piece of garbage or debris improperly or at wrong location usually on the ground instead of disposing them at trash container or recycling bin. Littering can cause huge environmental and economic impact in the form of spending millions of dollars to clean the garbage of road that pollute the clean air.

Landfills on the other hand are nothing but huge garbage dumps that make the city look ugly and produce toxic gases that could prove fatal for humans and animals. Landfills are generated due to large amount of waste that is generated by households, industries and healthcare centers every day.


Pollution is a major problem in different parts of the world, which requires the policy makers to employ some mitigation strategies. The developed economies such as the United States contribute significantly towards environmental pollution because of the high number of factories and industries that release harmful gases into the atmosphere. These economies consume energy heavily, thus leading to environmental pollution. This shows that depletion of natural resources in these countries is very high. The emerging economies also contribute significantly to environmental pollution, but lesser than the developed ones. The developing economies such as Ethiopia pollute the environment at a slower rate than the developed economies. These countries have fewer factories and industries, which make them to release lesser harmful gases into the atmosphere as compared to other countries. However, poverty rates in these countries are higher than developed countries because of the few employment opportunities. It is important to regulate the rates at which countries pollute the environment in order to prevent its harmful effects such as global warming.