Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 and the continuous additions of quarantine and social distancing measures, the 63rd Independence Celebration Dinner, Awards Night and Handing Over Ceremony was postponed until further notice.

This is to adhere to the quarantine measures and follow the social distancing rules to ensure the safety and protection of every individual and prevent and limit the spread of the virus.
Which they sincerely apologize for any inconveniences.

The President Elect Amos Ankomah and his executives have been waiting to take over and prove to the union their full preparation to carrying the local to the next level.
Few weeks ago, according to the seating president His Excellency Kodzo Asamany who is still enjoying his seat due to covid-19, said he held a meeting with the President Elect and his executives. The meeting which entailed discussions of their plans and other matters lasted for two hours. He made his intentions known to them regarding a partial hand over and he urged them to take their various seats in office and begin running the affairs of the union.

My fellow country people, it is time for us to have a feel of a new administration. Thus, on this day, the 26th of April 2020, it is with great honor that I, President William Asamany, give the newly elected president in the person of His Excellency Amos Ankomah, the power to partially assume the high office of President of National Union of Ghana Students, Kharkov. This is a huge responsibility, but faith gives me strength and confidence that the future of our noble union is promising and bright. I trust that with perseverance, diligence, commitment and dedication, we will move a step higher. I have monitored their outputs so far and I must conclude that we are in safe hands.
I therefore entreat and plead with everyone to give them the needed support. We must continue to build a better, stronger and respectable union. We are to press on vigorously developing a flexible, dynamic and attractive union, a union that will materialize and embody our people’s wisdom. It is my utmost goal to meet our most cherished hopes and expectations, to become an endless source of pride and enthusiasm for us all, to be a home for all Ghanaians away from home.
The newly elected President H.E. Amos Ankomah will have 75% control of the affairs of the union and I will maintain 25% as we work hand in hand until our official handing over later in the year. My honorable executives and I will continue to work behind the scenes and give them the necessary support they need and guide them. We hope for your maximum cooperation as well.

I must conclude with this: we live in a changing world, full of dangers, threats and challenges. But for me, it is also a world full of new and revolutionary opportunities. The decision lies with us on whether or not we take advantage of these historical opportunities. The kind of NUGS we want to build in the 21st century depends solely on us. A Union that will be able to defy emerging challenges and hold a worthy place for all of us.


H.E. William Asamany

Former President of the National Union Of Ghanaian Students-Kharkov.

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