V.N Karazin National University Inhumane Actions Towards Foreign Students.

So heart breaking as fear grips foreign students as their brains become foggy and suicidal thoughts seems to offer them a solution to the misfortune brought upon them by universities actions just a day to “state exam” for all final year students in medical schools in Ukraine.

On the eve of  May 25, 2020 the V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University in Ukraine’s second biggest city, Kharkov released an unforeseen expulsion list of international students with financial debt meanwhile the vice dean of international students had earlier on assured them that no international student would be expelled due to the current novel global outbreak but surprisingly the vice dean’s words was a hoax as just 10 hours prior to the “state exam” for all final years at the V.N> Karazin Medical School, a list of 19 final year medical students was released boldly written beneath it “EXPELLED STUDENTS” of which every single person on the list is an international students.

This traumatizing situation was shocking that it enkindled epileptic attacks on some students as this devastating news reached them. This actions of cruelty and inhumane treatment from the school authorities towards these 19 international students at this devastating time that the world is on a difficult quest with countries been on total lockdowns, business closed, borders closed and workers losing their jobs are so tragic!

However the school authorities were not bothered even though the student body made a request to revoke their actions and allow these students some time to redeem their debts.

So the question is; is the authorities of the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University interested in jeopardizing a person’s whole 6 years of toil and hardworking on a foreign land’s future, someone a family will depend on or the university is running a shopping mall ” NO MONEY NO GOODS”???

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