“Global Manufacturing & Industrialization Summit 2020” Register for 2 day Virtual Summit

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GMIS2020 is set to virtually gather, for the very first time, a cross-section of thought-leaders from public and private sectors, academia, and NGOs, developing and developed countries, to discuss and shape the future of manufacturing.

Take Part and Watch our Leaders Discuss, Debate & Shape the Future of Manufacturing.

Topics to be covered include:
✅ A trillion-dollar question: in an age of digital restoration, how are leaders repurposing our economies to deal with a post-crisis era?
✅ 4IR for a more resilient manufacturing sector?
✅ Glocalisation: from global to local?
✅ The Policymakers’ Challenge: navigating through a recession
✅ Restoring prosperity in a post-pandemic world
✅ Panel Discussion: rise of the machines: robots in a post-pandemic world
✅ Pushing the limits in the healthcare, telecoms and education sectors: bent, but not broken?
✅ Standardisation: adapting digital standardisation rules to match a post-crisis world
✅ Energies of the future: the time for clean energy is now

Sign Up Now for Free https://www.gmisummit.com/

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