Some Ghanaian Men Locked Up And Being Sexually Molested By Women In Russia.

President of the Ghana-Russia Business Development Council (GRBDC), Dr. Awutu Boateng, is calling on the Government of Ghana to initiate moves to rescue some Ghanaian nationals in Russia.

Dr. Awutu Boateng, in an interview with Kwami Sefa Kayi on the Monday’s edition of Peace FM’s Kokrokoo”, disclosed how some Ghanaians, particularly men, are suffering at the hands of these Eastern Europeans.

The sad aspect of the situation, he asserts, is that these Ghanaian victims cannot return home due to legal consequences or fear of a jail sentence.

Dr. Awutu Boateng recounted how the men get to Russia believing their hook up with a Russian lady on the internet will lead to marriage, only to realize that they are about to be turned into sex objects.

The GRBDC President further revealed that upon reaching Russia, these Ghanaians are confined and locked up in a room without opportunity to go out or live a better life.

“Most of the men take these ladies as their girlfriends on websites so they send them invitations . . . so when they’re lured into the country they have no papers so can’t do any work. They are locked in rooms and they use them very well, they can be forced to sleep with more than three (3) women a day . . . it’s very pathetic . . .” he told Kwami Sefa Kayi.

He added that in most cases they don’t only sleep with the women who invited them but also service their friends sexually against their will.

“They don’t heed to advise when they’re coming for the Russian visa . . . that is what they are going through, some of them over there,” he sadly said on Peace FM.

He disclosed that some footballers are also victims.

“Some agents mostly recruit footballers into the country for trials but after they are disqualified the players refuse to return and after the expiration of their visas it becomes a problem . . . “

“ . . They are there in the Russian villages where you’ll have to travel by air for about 9 to 10 hours, if by train you’ll have travel for about 5 to 10 days before you go to see them, they are just there . . . “

According to him, the reason why some of these Ghanaian nationals cannot return home is because it is difficult to leave Russia when one’s Visa, which is usually for 30 days, expires; hence their resort to this life threatening adventure.

Dr. Boateng thus wants government’s attention drawn to the predicament being faced by some Ghanaians in Russia.

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