Moise Basinza To Perform At BassConnect Africa 2020

Moise Basinza is a Bass Guitarist, Composer, music director & Arranger (Drcongo/Kenya). He was born 1992 in Congo, Bukavu and began his musical journey at a young age in a city called “Bukavu” in Congo where he grew up. Growing up in a musical Christian family, Moise drew a lot of inspiration from the people around him. Moise’s passion to play music grew and he decided to join a kids choir in Church as a drummer and later on pursued it further, and asked his brother to show him something on the rhythm guitar, he learned how to play 2 chords which was quite intriguing. He was very happy and proud to have learnt something.
Being a young musician his parents did not fully support his desire to pursue music because they wanted him to pursue Civil engineering but God definitely had other plans, as we all know “GOD’S PLANS WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL OVER HUMAN PLANS”. He recieved opposition in his musical journey and got discouraged but the fire in him to get to the top kept burning. After clearing his O levels , at the age of 20 Moise developed great interest on playing the bass and taught himself by listening to some congolese and Kenyan Music. Moise left his home town for Kenya and decided to go and live in Nairobi/Kenya where he had no relative or friend and life there was not easy at all. He managed through by God’s grace and by going to different events and networked with other musicians who helped him pull through and understood how the kenyan Industry operates.
While there Moise joined the worship team in a church called “RESURRECTION TEMPLE” in Nairobi where he played the bass guitar and he was exposed to different genres of music. A few years later he got a chance to meet great musicians and after sometime he met one of the best drummer in Kenya and East Africa and his all time favourite drummer up to this time who loved Moise’s playing called: “AMANI BAYA” who introduced him to the music industry properly as his bassist. He would take Moise with him to all the gigs and that’s where Moise was able to network and build his rapport as a musician.

Within no time Basinza became one of the most recommended bassist in the country and he was able to work with good musicians such as Mckinlay Mutsembi, Mokua Rabai, Victor Kinama, Kasiva Mutua, Jack Muguna, George Nyoro,Brian Omondi….

After sometime, Moise got an opportunity to work with some big Kenyan artists such as

Eunice Njeri, Alice Kimanzi, Gideon Kimanzi, Mercy Masika, Tetu Shani, Nairobi Horns project (NHP), Iklektik Band, Antoneosol, Nameless, Wyre, Sanaipei, Worship factory, Praise fest… and many more who further spread the word and highly recommended him to other prominent artists. Event organisers and so many other people got to know Moise from there.

In pursuit for deeper knowledge and experience Moise got a privilege to be part of some amazing events and great music concerts and celebrations such as the;
●Safaricom international Jazz festival (Kenya)
●Joy of Jazz festival (South Africa)
●NairoBass (Kenya)

He has also worked in some of the national projects as bassist:
●47 Million reason;
●Ongea Summit;
●Sport pesa festival,
●Jamhuri reggae, & Standard Group Media house;
●Worship concerts and many more

Moise Basinza has progressively created his brand and become an influential sessional Bassist, as well as a successful Composer, music director & Arranger.

Visit our website ( to register Fam! You can’t miss #BassConnect_Africa2020(The Virtual Edition)

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