Four(4) things you didn’t know about Rawlings

Jerry John Rawlings was Ghana’s former head of state and the first president of the 4th Republic.

He was known by many for his “Boom” speeches as well as his charismatic

J.J Rawlings was the founder of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), a party whose ideas lean towards socialism and leftist ideologies.

Below are some quick interesting facts about Jerry John Rawlings you should know

1. President Jerry John Rawlings was an avid football and boxing fan.

84d2df30988708bb4e3456e71a361d05?quality=uhq&resize=720 - Rawlings @73: Five(5) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Him

Ex-president Jerry Rawlings was a fan of football and supports the Accra Hearts of Oak footballing club as well as the Ghana Black Stars. He was also friends with several coaches including the late Sam Arday among others. He also loved boxing and was seen at several boxing games.

2. Jerry John Rawlings was a big fan of Micheal Jackson

2dd7f55a378f3c5f600c7441be2bcf24?quality=uhq&resize=720 - Rawlings @73: Five(5) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Him

The former President was a fan of King of Pop, Micheal Jackson and his music. They both met on few occasions and struck a friendship as revealed by Mr Rawlings when the latter passed away in 2009.

“The world has lost one of its greatest sons. Michael, you made an impact and you changed the whole world in so many ways. Go in peace…. you will be missed!” he wrote.

His all-time favourite songs include “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Heal the World”.

3. Jerry John Rawlings won the “Speed Bird Trophy” in his graduating year

Rawlings visits Italian aircraft carrier Cavour

Flt. Jerry John Rawlings graduated as the best cadet in flying and airmanship in 1969 winning the coveted “Speed Bird Trophy” for his year group.

The rumour mill has it that the trained pilot was able to fly a plane below the Adomi bridge as part of his stunts.

4. Jerry John Rawlings was the Chief of Defence Staff from 1982-1983

c647ac439e6e62d86cfff1acee11e239?quality=uhq&resize=720 - Rawlings @73: Five(5) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Him

Most people do not know this but Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings was the Chief of Ghana’s Defense staff from November 1982 to August 1983 making him the only CDS to have assumed the highest position of the Land

Read more about Jerry John Rawlings below

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