GH Elections2020: Asawase: Ballot papers Allegedly Meant For Rigging Polls Fake – EC

File photo

The Electoral Commission (EC) in the Ashanti Region says the man caught in the Asawase constituency on suspicion of trying to rig the polls had only fake ballots in his possession.

The Regional EC Director, Benjamin Bannor-Bio, said his outfit’s scrutiny of the purported ballots meant for rigging revealed their inauthenticity.

“It does not bear a serial number. What it bears is a constituency code for Asawase. All our ballot papers bear unique serial numbers,” he noted at a press conference on December 7, 2020.

Mr. Bannor-Bio further demonstrated to the press that the gold validation stamps on the ballots were oval instead of circular.

He stressed that there was no need for apprehension and urged observers to trust the EC’s processes.

“That is why the person was detected and arrested… and so, therefore, let’s have an interest in the Electoral Commission’s process and have trust in them.”

“We are determined to ensure that the results will be a true reflection of the decision of the people who voted,” Mr. Bannor-Bio added.

The MP for the area, Muntaka Mubarak, had raised concerns that the detention of the suspect in possession of the fake ballots signalled a larger attempt at rigging the polls.

The detection of the suspect who was accused of thump printing ballots in his possession led to confusion at the Baba Lati base polling station in the New Zongo Electoral area.

But Mr. Bannor-Bio said the EC said it has since clarified issues with the MP.

“I have met the Honourable Muntaka at his office, and he himself has attested to the fact that the ballot papers were not that of our [EC’s] ballot papers.”

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