Current NUGS Ukraine Administration Are Becoming Ineffectual-Dr.Kodzo Asamany.

Yesterday 27th December 2020, The former NUGS Kharkov president Dr. Kodzo Asamany has raised concerns about the current administration of NUGS Ukraine for failing to deliver their promises and what really hurt him is, the previous administration raised the union to some standard which he thought that legacy will continue but rather failing.

He expressed his concerns via Instagram live with NUGS Kharkiv fila night host Adel Yeboah and co-host Andy Amuzu Kpeglo Active member of the union.

Below are some of the concern issues he raised.

1. It’s been 5 months ever since they were sworn into office and yet they’ve never had any General meeting yet. Why?
2. They promised to continue the ideas of their predecessors. What have they promoted so far ?

3. Supervise the formation of various academic clubs. Where are these clubs ? When are they going to outdoor them for the public to see? They promise to organize medical quiz, debates and economics quizzes. Can they tell us the number of quizzes they’ve organized so far ?

  1. They said they will organize career enhancing seminars for the members
    How many of such have they organized ?
  2. They said they will champion the formation of International Students Representative Council and also issue international cards to the members. How many of such cards have they issued so far ?
    They said they will start selling Nugs branded exercise books and t shirts. How many cities have received copies of their items to be sold ?
  3. They said they will name and shame the bad agents and work hand in hand with the good ones as well as praise them.
    How many of such agents have been shamed ? And how many of them have been praised ?
  4. They said that the Deputy Minister of Ghana assured them that he will help so that the government of Ghana will have a deeper ties with the Ukrainian government? How far have they come with that ?
  5. What happened to the scholarships?
  6. What happened to the weekly show organized by the Office of integration?
  7. Lastly they said we should put our faith and trust in them that if we vote for them they will deliverer.
    We voted and they are not producing results

According to him these and many other things they’ve failed to do

Criticisms should be part of the culture where the members have also failed to which make the leaders comfortable at the top because we don’t demand. We should also avail ourselves when they need us after they’ve delivered as promised.

The solution to criticisms is the work you put in and not foot soldiers sending messages to threaten people.

How did we get here ? Since when did people start threatening those who speak their minds ? I thought we were guided by a constitution and a member has the right to air his/her views

It’s only in this administration that you can’t say anything and has led to this then I’m sorry they’ve really failed as a team. They will surely be remembered as the most incompetent administration ever.

They still have about 6months to sit up or better still they can sit in their comfort zone and boast of helping with documentations and renewal of passports. Something that was started years ago which is suppose to be a must and nothing sort to boast off as if they are doing a big favor for the locals

They can turn a deaf ear and pretend to be blind but the majority who have eyes to see have seen and have ears have heard and it will go down in the memory lane

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