Australasia International Model United Nations is excited to invite youth leaders across the world for an evolutionary journey in exploring the “Unlimited Boundaries of Diplomacy” through a virtual platform ignited with creativity, global issues, innovative solutions, research, networking, and powerful intense debate. The forum will provide a practice debate and a workshop that will enhance the individual growth of every single delegate that aspires to create a dialogue in the MUN arena and receive a real-life United Nations experience.

“We are excited to introduce Rexford West as our Country Ambassador for Ghana!! He is an interesting personality and a man of many passions as he is a youth advocate, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Media Personnel and a Blogger! He aspires to create a positive impact in the world, and we are thrilled to have him represent Ghana”

Join the conversation to shift contemporary global boundaries while discovering your hidden potentials to become the next big change in the world!

If you are a novice or need to brush up on your MUN formalities, we are offering a Workshop on 11 July & a Practice debate on 📅July for you to catch up!🎊

AIMUN is all about making new friends, having fun, and sharing your innovative ideas! This is your chance to make a difference in the 🌍 & we can’t wait to have you at AIMUN! 🤩

Register now at .

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