The National Union of Ghana Students, Ukraine has partner with Impart Group Network

“This National Union of Ghana Students-Ukraine (NUGS – UA) is an organization with members all over

Our core value is to promote and protect the well-being of Ghanaians in Ukraine.
NUGS-Ukraine would like to collaborate with you as a union media partner.

Having worked with your organization on several projects in relation to the union’s development deem
it appropriate to invite you on board as a partner to the union.

To begin, as a union partner, you will be our official media partner in and out Ukraine.
Finally, our partner will contribute to the success of the union’s activities throughout the year.

Our duty as a union concerning this partnership will be to market all your products and services in
relations to media works across our platforms and refer you to not only our members but also to other
partners such as The Nigerian Students Union etc. You would become our official Media.
We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial, and we hope you consider our terms”

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