Hip-Hop Church, Harlem - David Brabyn Photojournalist New York City

This blog might create a disbelief in the heart of some on my part so far as religion or faith is concerned. This will also be a wake up call to some religious leaders “only if they read this biblical blog”.

The just ended Vodafone Ghana Music awards made some media gurus like kwadwo sheldon on YouTube and also other folks on Ghana airwaves vocalize the religious disparity between secular artist and Gospel artist. The debate on where they stand because of the genre of music they do is not going to be done today.

Most interestingly most the Genesis of most these tagged secular artist was from the church. This is then brings us to the question you all don’t want to ask, “what happened”? Is it money or the fame that pulled them out of the choir into the world to make such music?

Is it also because In church they were not having the support from their leaders and the church entirely but rather someone out there gave them all this love, appreciation, value, support, to mention but a few and that in a way gingered them to make this great switch?

Here in Ukraine I can boast of so many talents in churches. Talk of Miqdad, A D, Justice and the others that are massively doing awesome. How important are their talent to their churches. How’s the church scheming it affairs to help keep these guys in shape. How’s the church thinking of how they can manage these talents to bring Glory and souls to God and also at least some money into their accounts.

Are we going to see their worth when they switch? Are we waiting to tell the world how they used to be part of the choir but now no more after they switch?
To the various churches and religious leaders all I have to say is these folks are sheep that bleats differently. Act now or say nothing at the aftermath.

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