Ghana Union of Professional Students; Presents A Three day Study Abroad Summit


The Ghana Union of Professional Students was established twenty (20) years ago with more than five – hundred thousand (500.000) members dotted across tertiary institutions in the country.

The union was formed to fight for the rights and interest of professional students in Ghana as well as offer them guidance in their fields of specializations to further improve upon their knowledge and skills.

GUPS, has been one of the vibrant student unions in the country championing the interest of Ghanaian students under its purview.

The programme is organized by The Ghana Union Of Professional Students (GUPS) under the auspices of Hon. Emily Jemima Nyarko, the international relations secretary for the union.

Studies show that graduates with an international experience find employment faster and are more prepared than those without it. Yet less than 2% of Ghanaian students graduate with a global experience.

The Study Abroad Submit with the theme “Maximizing the Benefit of International Education for Social Change” will aim at Educating, Influencing, Shaping Visions, Raising Leaders , Changing the African narratives, Orienting and Promoting Study abroad and its relevance to the development of  Ghana and Africa at large .The program will also educate students on how to easily obtain scholarships abroad and prepare for it.

International education is a catalyst for leading change around the world

The world of international education is a melting pot of individuals and learning with a global perspective ensures students are exposed to different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and languages, enriching society in the process and broadening the academic experience for everyone.

A growing global trend, education is at the forefront of global development and, with globalization making it easier than ever for families to move abroad for work and study opportunities, it’s easy to see the appeal of pursuing an international education.


To bring together leaders and practitioners from education, government and business for action-oriented discussion on global workforce readiness. Many more Ghanaian students need to be extended on the opportunity to gain an international experience abroad so that they can be prepared to become leaders in tech, science, innovation, and solving some of the pressing problems in our interconnected world.


By the end of the summit we anticipate to register 5000 students for full , half or quarter scholarship.



FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL;0544412651 // 0507123325

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