Toufik’s World Medical Association-Ukraine Opens Membership Application.

Toufik’s World Medical Association aims to connect dedicated medical students and recently graduated physicians in Ukraine who aspire to learn about medicine and become better practionals in their communities with opportunities to transform their lives. we provide a platform for such exuberant students to learn and hone their ideas so that they can be impactfully implemented. Toufik’s World Medical Association values all perspectives equally and honestly, honor the best in ourselves and others, move people to believe in better, make a difference and create a change that matters.

Toufik’s World Medical Association envisions a world where all medical students and recently graduated physicians are are inspired and equipped to realize the future they want.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Travel around the world for medical conferences
  • Education and leadership training
  • Research Opportunities
  • Certificate of Membership

Toufik’s World Medical Association-Ukraine Board Members

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