On 26th February 2021, a total number of Four Hundred and Thirty-Nine (439) foreign trained doctors wrote the Licensure Registration Exams. Interviews were conducted subsequently on (date). The cost of the exams was $770 (GHS4,543.00) per candidate. 

As duly communicated to us by the Medical and Dental Council (MDC) the results were to be released within a period of two (2) to four (4) weeks 

from the date of the exams. Overwhelmingly, it has been more than seventeen (17) weeks (Four (4) 

months) since the date of the exams. The results have neither been released nor has there been a communiqué from the MDC detailing the 

reasons for the unprecedented delay. 

All attempts to obtain answers have proved futile. Constant enquiry visits at the Council left us rather devastated; we are always told to keep waiting to be contacted. As we pen down this letter we are still waiting in 


To our utter dismay, the MDC registered another batch of foreign trained doctors for a licensure exams which was conducted on 25th June 2021. 

Aside that, registration is ongoing for the next batch of Medical and Dental candidates as well as Physician Assistants (PA’s) to sit for the exams in October and November 2021 respectively. This leaves us 

concerned about what the future holds for us. 

Another worrying issue is that, candidates who fail the exam are allowed 

to resit after showing evidence of having done a structured clinical attachment for not less than twenty (20)weeks. As it stands, this won’t be 

ssible this time around, since October is eleven (11) weeks away and no results have been released. This leaves no time for adequate preparation if 

a candidate fails and decides to resit for the exams in October.. 

We are therefore disheartened at the current situation and wish to use your 

esteemed platforms to chum out our grievances. Our future lies in uncertainty. It is therefore our considered hope that by this address our 

grievances will be heard speedily. 

Signed: Aggrieved Foreign Trained Doctors. cc: Medical and Dental Council (MDC) 

Hundreds of Foreign Medical Students in Ukraine Protested to the Ministry of Education to Reduce The Cut Off Percentage of the Krok1 Exams in Kiev.

Group of Foreign medical students protested in Kiev pleading to the Ministry education to reduce the passing percentage of the Krok1 Exams at Mykhaila Hrushevskoho St, 7, Ministry of Health premises 30/12/2020..

According to them, Because of the COVID 19, they were not able to study properly and also were not happy of the way the lecturer conducted classes in addition, language barrier was also a factor lecturers were not able to express themselves well in English and some also request bribes to pass some subjects.

“Days ago We – medical students from Kyiv Medical University of UAFM protested in number of 50 people at the Ministry of Science , for lowering the passing age for KROK at least till 50.5%. ( NOW ITS 55.5%). We submitted an application to the Ministry of Education and Science about our request and got an official answer! Today we’ve got a call from the Ministry of Education that to DECREASE THE PASSING AGE is possible if the critical amount of Students will come! And They said that the Final decision will make. “



Plaintiff applicants, Festus Enyan represented himself and on behalf of the others

1st Respondent(NPP) was absent, since it’s presence is not relevant to the ruling

2nd Respondent, Hon Andy Appiah-Kubi was represented by Pius Nimako Yeboah

This case concerned the ruling on application for Interlocutory injunction filed by the plaintiff applicant’s Lawyer Samson Lardy Anyenini on their behalf against the 1st Defendant( NPP) and the 2nd Defendant( Hon. Andy Appiah-Kubi) to restrain, their servants, agents, privies or assigns or howsoever designated from proceeding with or in any way whatsoever conducting, supervising or dealing with or participating in any processes touching and concerning further activities or dealings towards the election or selection of 1st Defendant’s (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for the Asante Akim North Constituency of the Ashanti Region for participation in the General Elections in December 2020 pending the determination of the suit…, and for a further Order to 2nd Defendant ( Hon. Andy Appiah-Kubi) not to participate in any activities towards and for the purpose of electing or selecting a Parliamentary Candidate for Asante Akim North Constituency…

The High Court Judge relied on the court rules and principles of law in ruling on the application for Interlocutory injunction, the High Court refused to grant the Injunction as the court considers just.

The Court set out the following legal factors for its ruling;

That the case of the plaintiff applicants was frivolous and had not demonstrated that they had a legal or equitable rights which a court should protect.The court held that, the plaintiff applicants stated in their application for Interlocutory injunction, that they noticed the fraud act ( their names removed from the album ) since 2016. The court find that they did not act accordingly, inform appropriate bodies or sort legal action per their claim. Therefore the equitable doctrine which states, He who seeks equity must do equity was breached, equity does not relieve a person of the consequences of his or her own carelessness and delay

That the plaintiff applicant’s couldn’t respond or challenge the 2nd Defendant ( Hon. Andy Appiah-Kubi ) Affidavit in Opposition as well as his Statement of Case containing full Legal Authorities and Evidence.

The court therefore admitted that, Election has been held at Asante Akim North Constituency relying on the attached evidence( Final Declaration of Results Forms ), the plaintiff applicant’s could not oppose it. The status quo was maintained to avoid any irreparable damage to the 2nd Defendant (Hon Andy Appiah-Kubi).

The court couldn’t grant an injunction on Election which has already been held. It was admitted and on the court records that 2nd Defendant ( Hon Andy Appiah-Kubi) had not receive any Writ or Summons before and on the primaries ( day of the election). The plaintiffs applicant’s couldn’t oppose same.

The court held, that it would not be convenient and appropriate in the face of the law to grant an injunction considering the balance of convenience principle and therefore refused to grant the application of injunction to restrain the Defendants.

The case was adjourned sine die (without a date or without a time fixed)


By: Amos Nuamah Duodu

Nkrumah’s Vision
The productivity of any country cannot reach a competitive level unless there is much investment in industrialisation. Kwame Nkrumah thought it wise to promote industrialisation, to provide enough employment, boost the economy, and increase our chances of being self-reliant. As such, Nkrumah established over 300 factories in Ghana within 10 years. Unfortunately, successive governments abandoned (GIHOC Fibre Products Company, Glass Manufacturing Corporation at Abosso etc) , sold shares (Ghacem cement, Nsawam cannery etc), and sold full assets of these fatories to private individuals (GIHOC bottling, Ghana Oil Palm Development Company etc).

The Rebirth of Nkrumah’s Vision
Prior to election 2016, Nana Akuffo Addo promised to establish a factory in every constituency. This was given the slogan, one district one factory (1D1F). Ghanaians were expecting 275 factories since we had 275 constituencies. The people have not seen the 275 factories, as such, a lot of people say the promise to undertake 1D1F is a failure. This assertion is true in principle, but if the quest to deliver 275 factories has resulted in the construction of 28 new factories, revival of 48 existing factories, and 31 factories under construction (1d1f.gov.gh), then it is a commendable failure.

The Mediocre Argument
The issue of Nana Addo reviving existing factories and taking credit for it always come up. This notion is absurd, unpatriotic, and laughable at best. If successive governments were committed to reviving existing factories, and taking credit for it, the over 300 factories Nkrumah established would still be alive and working by now.

1D1F is beyond a manifesto promise. It should be a long-term vision of the country and any subsequent government should be committed to promoting industrialisation. It will be okay to change the slogan from 1D1F to whatever will be suitable if need be, but dropping of this fruitful long-term vision by any subsequent government will be perturbing.

The 5 challenge
With the exception of Kwame Nkrumah (who built over 300 factories in 10 years) and Nana Addo (who built 28 new factories in 3yrs), can you think of any head of state or president in the history of Ghana who built more than even five new factories?

Amos Nuamah Duodu


According to Kobby , the NPP has demonstrated once again to Ghanaians and the whole world of its solid foundations built on democracy and peace as exhibited during the just ended parliamentary elections.

The high level of integrity exhibited by parliamentary hopefuls was commendable and worthy of emulation as highlighted in the New Juabeng South Constituency where two big wits of of the NPP Michael Okyere Baafi of The Ghana Freezones board and the incumbent Hon. Mark Assibey who also doubles as the Chairman of the Finance Committee in parliament were both in contention.

I’d therefore like to congratulate all victors , especially to Mr Michael Okyere Baafi of my dear constituency for such an overwhelming Mandate in The New Juabeng South Constituency

New Juabeng South has become a beacon of hope to many young Ghanaians due to both of your great leadership skills .

To Mr Michael Okyere Baafi , I’m indeed motivated and encouraged by your inclusive leadership style to get involved and contribute my quota for an even stronger bid come the December 2020 elections.

Indeed, the delegates of New Juabeng South have shown trust in your leadership and vision for the constituency with this remarkable mandate.

I therefore declare my unflinching support to work closely with you in the quest to nurture and support young people in New Juabeng South with innovative programmes in education, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Congratulations once again ! Long live the NPP and the people of New Juabeng South constituency.

Victory awaits the visionary leaders of our time.




The Nexus Between COVID-19 and Ghanaian Scholarship Students Abroad: Government Response Introduction.

The Corona virus has left most international students in limbo most of which have left to their home
countries while others remain due to restrictions and lockdown guidelines. Ghana Government has
tackled the pandemic with series of financial strategies to provide relieves for the good people of Ghana.
However, it is argued as to whether the Government has the capacity to meet the monthly wage bill of
public sector workers let alone stipends and tuition fees of students abroad. It raises doubts and creates
panic among the populace.
That notwithstanding, the government has exhibited a great sense of leadership and excellent economic
management backed by the famous words of President Akufo-Addo, that, “We Know how to bring the
economy back to life, what we do not know, is how to bring people back to life”. Till date, there has not
been a default in the payment of salaries and one cannot foresee any indication to the contrary.

What happens to the students?
The worry now is on Ghanaian students in the diaspora. Families back home (in Ghana) are much
concerned about how the students abroad are coping – now that most of the jobs available to them
(students) have been temporarily closed. They are asking whether or not the tuition fees, stipends, and
other bills of these students have been paid. Students’ welfare was at the heart of the people of Ghana
and there is no doubt that, Ghanaians would attack the government from all over the world if the report
happens to be negative.
These concerns are legitimate because Ghana has the track record of students being stranded in foreign
countries as a result of Government’s inability to pay their tuitions fees and stipends on time. However,
since 2017, such agitations have died out even though the number of students studying abroad has
In the advent of this covid-19, the problem of non-payment of students’ stipends is expected to rise
again. However, the government has ensured that Ghanaian students studying abroad remain on the
priority list by ensuring that all their welfare needs are met.

The scholarship secretariat has shown utmost proactiveness. As at March, 2020, the Registrar, Mr
Kingsley Agyemang, who has been tagged as the best registrar ever in the history of the secretariat as
well as one of the top performing CEOs in Ghana, declared that, students’ stipends for the second
quarter of the year had been paid. This was paid even before the deadly virus hit Ghana. Again, as at
April, 2020, when the pandemic had entangled government finances, the tuition fees for the 2019/2020
academic year had also been paid. It is evident that, students in the diaspora are well catered for and
their families back home will have their peace of mind.

Across the world, there is a clear indication that this novel disease has eroded the economic successes
gained over the years. It is estimated that major economies are likely to lose up to a minimum of 2.4%
of the value of their Gross Domestic Product. This estimate is basically due to the temporary closure of
most companies and the risk of global workforce losing their jobs and livelihoods. According to
International Labour Organisation (ILO), “over 1.6 billion workers in the informal economy (nearly
half of the global workforce) stand in immediate danger of having their livelihood destroyed”.
This has necessitated all countries to device major interventions to save their individual economies and
the world at large. With over 2.8 million active cases (out of over 5.6 million infected cases) as at 26th May, 2020, all governments across the world have had to introduce unplanned decisions and trials to sort of cushion the lives of their citizens.
Ghana recorded its first COVID-19 case on 12th March, 2020 and at the time of writing this article, the country had recorded 6,964 cases out of which 32 people (representing 4.6%) had lost their lives and 2,097 (representing 30.1%) had recovered with about 4,841 (65.3%) active cases. Just like the world largest economies, this has exposed the deficiencies in the health sector of the Republic of Ghana in terms of facilities and logistics. Many businesses have had to suspend their activities, individuals are made to stay home as a requirement for observing social distancing and the likes so as to control the spread of the virus. The ripple effect of these measures on both businesses and individuals are immense.

Stimulus Packages
Government of Ghana has rolled out a series of stimulus packages to combat the obvious health and economic risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of these packages included absorbing electricity and water bills of all people and rolling out Soft Loan Schemes for SMEs. Additionally, they have procured locally manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers, instituted insurance packages for health personnel and allied professional with additional allowance of 50% on the basic salaries for frontline health workers among others. Moreover, a notable amount of investment has also been earmarked for infrastructural development in the health sector.

Conclusion and recommendations
It is evident that students in the diaspora and for that matter those under government scholarships have not been neglected as could have been the case in the past. The government has shown leadership and commitment to students even in the mist of this Covid-19 pandemic due to the long-term benefit that the country would realise from these investments.
However, there are other groups of students who are self-funding their cost of living and tuition fees. These students may have encountered some financial difficulties especially as most jobs available to them have been closed.

These students may need support from the government and other corporate bodies to meet their accommodation and essential commodity needs. It is heartwarming to know that, the New Patriotic Party branch in UK (NPP-UK) has initiated a Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund to offer financial relief packages to subsidise expenses such as accommodation cost, offer health support and shopping vouchers to Ghanaians who are financially affected by the pandemic. Some of the students in United Kingdom have taken advantage to benefit from this fund.
I will admonish other political parties, religious bodies, Ghanaian Associations and corporate bodies across the world to initiate some relief funds to respite students from their financial struggles.
Students are also expected to follow all the guidelines set by WHO and their respective countries of study to ensure that they stay safe and alive for their families and mother Ghana.
Written by:
Bernard Baah Amoako



The expectations of 5G - The Digital Transformation People

5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. Large-scale adoption began in 2019 and today virtually every telecommunication service provider in the developed world is upgrading its infrastructure to offer 5G functionality. 5G communication requires the use of communications devices (mostly mobile phone) designed to support the technology.

5G – Introduction

Radio technologies have evidenced a rapid and multi-directional evolution with the launch of the analogue cellular systems in 1980s. Thereafter, digital wireless communication systems are consistently on a mission to fulfill the growing need of human beings (1G, …4G, or now 5G).

So, this article describes the 5G technology emphasizing on its salient features, technological design (architecture), advantages, shortcomings, challenges, and future scope.

Salient Features of 5G

5th Generation Mobile Network or simply 5G is the forthcoming revolution of mobile technology. The features and its usability are much beyond the expectation of a normal human being. With its ultra-high speed, it is potential enough to change the meaning of a cell phone usability.

With a huge array of innovative features, now your smart phone would be more parallel to the laptop. You can use broadband internet connection; other significant features that fascinate people are more gaming options, wider multimedia options, connectivity everywhere, zero latency, faster response time, and high quality sound and HD video can be transferred on other cell phone without compromising with the quality of audio and video

5G – Technology

If we look back, we will find that every next decade, one generation is advancing in the field of mobile technology. Starting from the First Generation (1G) in 1980s, Second Generation (2G) in 1990s, Third Generation (3G) in 2000s, Fourth Generation (4G) in 2010s, and now Fifth Generation (5G), we are advancing towards more and more sophisticated and smarter technology.

What is 5G Technology?

The 5G technology is expected to provide a new (much wider than the previous one) frequency bands along with the wider spectral bandwidth per frequency channel. As of now, the predecessors (generations) mobile technologies have evidenced substantial increase in peak bitrate. Then — how is 5G different from the previous one (especially 4G)? The answer is — it is not only the increase in bitrate made 5G distinct from the 4G, but rather 5G is also advanced in terms of −

  • High increased peak bit rate
  • Larger data volume per unit area (i.e. high system spectral efficiency)
  • High capacity to allow more devices connectivity concurrently and instantaneously
  • Lower battery consumption
  • Better connectivity irrespective of the geographic region, in which you are
  • Larger number of supporting devices
  • Lower cost of infrastructural development
  • Higher reliability of the communications

As researchers say, with the wide range of bandwidth radio channels, it is able to support the speed up to 10 Gbps, the 5G WiFi technology will offer contiguous and consistent coverage − “wider area mobility in true sense.”

5G – Architecture

Architecture of 5G is highly advanced, its network elements and various terminals are characteristically upgraded to afford a new situation. Likewise, service providers can implement the advance technology to adopt the value-added services easily.

However, upgradeability is based upon cognitive radio technology that includes various significant features such as ability of devices to identify their geographical location as well as weather, temperature, etc. Cognitive radio technology acts as a transceiver (beam) that perceptively can catch and respond radio signals in its operating environment. Further, it promptly distinguishes the changes in its environment and hence respond accordingly to provide uninterrupted quality service.

Architecture of 5G

As shown in the following image, the system model of 5G is entirely IP based model designed for the wireless and mobile networks.

The system comprising of a main user terminal and then a number of independent and autonomous radio access technologies. Each of the radio technologies is considered as the IP link for the outside internet world. The IP technology is designed exclusively to ensure sufficient control data for appropriate routing of IP packets related to a certain application connections i.e. sessions between client applications and servers somewhere on the Internet. Moreover, to make accessible routing of packets should be fixed in accordance with the given policies of the user (as shown in the image given below).

The Master Core Technology

As shown in the Figure 5, the 5G MasterCore is convergence point for the other technologies, which have their own impact on existing wireless network. Interestingly, its design facilitates MasterCore to get operated into parallel multimode including all IP network mode and 5G network mode. In this mode (as shown in the image given below), it controls all network technologies of RAN and Different Access Networks (DAT). Since, the technology is compatible and manages all the new deployments (based on 5G), it is more efficient, less complicated, and more powerful.

Surprisingly, any service mode can be opened under 5G New Deployment Mode as World Combination Service Mode (WCSM). WCSM is a wonderful feature of this technology; for example, if a professor writes on the white board in a country – it can be displayed on another white board in any other part of the world besides conversation and video. Further, a new services can be easily added through parallel multimode service.

5G – Time Period Required

Normally, it is expected that the time period required for the 5G technology development and its implementation is about five years more from now (by 2020). But to becoming usable for the common people in developing countries, it could be even more.

Graph 1 − Showing the Timeline of all previous generation technologies.

Expected Time Length

By considering the multiple utility and various fashionable salient features, researchers are anticipating that this technology will be in use until 2040s.

5G – Applications

5G technology is adorned with many as well as distinct features, which applicability is useful for a wide range people irrespective of their purposes (as shown in the mweb image).

Applications of 5G

Some of the significant applications are −

  • It will make unified global standard for all.
  • Network availability will be everywhere and will facilitate people to use their computer and such kind of mobile devices anywhere anytime.
  • Because of the IPv6 technology, visiting care of mobile IP address will be assigned as per the connected network and geographical position.
  • Its application will make world real Wi Fi zone.
  • Its cognitive radio technology will facilitate different version of radio technologies to share the same spectrum efficiently.
  • Its application will facilitate people to avail radio signal at higher altitude as well.

5G – Advancement

Application of 5G is very much equivalent to accomplishment of dream. It is integrated with beyond the limit advance features in comparison to the previous technologies.

Advanced Features

In comparison to previous radio technologies, 5G has following advancement −

  • Practically possible to avail the super speed i.e. 1 to 10 Gbps.
  • Latency will be 1 millisecond (end-to-end round trip).
  • 1,000x bandwidth per unit area.
  • Feasibility to connect 10 to 100 number of devices.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • About 90% reduction in network energy usage.
  • Battery life will be much longer.
  • Whole world will be in wi fi zone.

5G – Advantages & Disadvantages

5th generation technology offers a wide range of features, which are beneficial for all group of people including, students, professionals (doctors, engineers, teachers, governing bodies, administrative bodies, etc.) and even for a common man.

Important Advantages

There are several advantages of 5G technology, some of the advantages have been shown in the above Ericsson image, and many others are described below −

  • High resolution and bi-directional large bandwidth shaping.
  • Technology to gather all networks on one platform.
  • More effective and efficient.
  • Technology to facilitate subscriber supervision tools for the quick action.
  • Most likely, will provide a huge broadcasting data (in Gigabit), which will support more than 60,000 connections.
  • Easily manageable with the previous generations.
  • Technological sound to support heterogeneous services (including private network).
  • Possible to provide uniform, uninterrupted, and consistent connectivity across the world.
Some Other Advantages for the Common People
Parallel multiple services, such as you can know weather and location while talking with other person.
You can control your PCs by handsets.
Education will become easier − A student sitting in any part of world can attend the class.
Medical Treatment will become easier & frugal − A doctor can treat the patient located in remote part of the world.
Monitoring will be easier − A governmental organization and investigating offers can monitor any part of the world. Possible to reduce the crime rate.
Visualizing universe, galaxies, and planets will be possible.
Possible to locate and search the missing person.
Possible, natural disaster including tsunami, earthquake etc. can be detected faster.

Disadvantages of 5G Technology

Though, 5G technology is researched and conceptualized to solve all radio signal problems and hardship of mobile world, but because of some security reason and lack of technological advancement in most of the geographic regions, it has following shortcomings −

  • Technology is still under process and research on its viability is going on.
  • The speed, this technology is claiming seems difficult to achieve (in future, it might be) because of the incompetent technological support in most parts of the world.
  • Many of the old devices would not be competent to 5G, hence, all of them need to be replaced with new one — expensive deal.
  • Developing infrastructure needs high cost.
  • Security and privacy issue yet to be solved.

5G – Challenges

Challenges are the inherent part of the new development; so, like all technologies, 5G has also big challenges to deal with. As we see past i.e. development of radio technology, we find very fast growth. Starting from 1G to 5G, the journey is merely of about 40 years old (Considering 1G in 1980s and 5G in 2020s). However, in this journey, the common challenges that we observed are lack of infrastructure, research methodology, and cost.

Still, there are dozens of countries using 2G and 3G technologies and don’t know even about 4G, in such a condition, the most significant questions in everyone’s mind are −

  • How far will 5G be viable?
  • Will it be the technology of some of the developed countries or developing countries will also get benefit of this?

To understand these questions, the challenges of 5G are categorized into the following two headings −

  • Technological Challenges
  • Common Challenges

Technological Challenges

  • Inter-cell Interference − This is one of the major technological issues that need to be solved. There is variations in size of traditional macro cells and concurrent small cells that will lead to interference.
  • Efficient Medium Access Control − In a situation, where dense deployment of access points and user terminals are required, the user throughput will be low, latency will be high, and hotspots will not be competent to cellular technology to provide high throughput. It needs to be researched properly to optimize the technology.
  • Traffic Management − In comparison to the traditional human to human traffic in cellular networks, a great number of Machine to Machine (M2M) devices in a cell may cause serious system challenges i.e. radio access network (RAN) challenges, which will cause overload and congestion.

Common Challenges

  • Multiple Services − Unlike other radio signal services, 5G would have a huge task to offer services to heterogeneous networks, technologies, and devices operating in different geographic regions. So, the challenge is of standardization to provide dynamic, universal, user-centric, and data-rich wireless services to fulfil the high expectation of people.
  • Infrastructure − Researchers are facing technological challenges of standardization and application of 5G services.
  • Communication, Navigation, & Sensing − These services largely depend upon the availability of radio spectrum, through which signals are transmitted. Though 5G technology has strong computational power to process the huge volume of data coming from different and distinct sources, but it needs larger infrastructure support.
  • Security and Privacy − This is one of the most important challenges that 5G needs to ensure the protection of personal data. 5G will have to define the uncertainties related to security threats including trust, privacy, cyber-security, which are growing across the globe.
  • Legislation of Cyberlaw − Cyber-crime and other fraud may also increase with the high speed and ubiquitous 5G technology. Therefore, legislation of the Cyber-law is also an imperative issue, which largely is governmental and political (national as well as international issue) in nature.

5G – Future Scope

Several researches and discussions are going on across the world among technologists, researchers, academicians, vendors, operators, and governments about the innovations, implementation, viability, and security concerns of 5G.

As proposed, loaded with multiple advance features starting from the super high speed internet service to smooth ubiquitous service, 5G will unlock many of the problems. However, the question is — in a situation, where the previous technologies (4G and 3G) are still under process and in many parts yet to be started; what will be the future of 5G?

5th generation technology is designed to provide incredible and remarkable data capabilities, unhindered call volumes, and immeasurable data broadcast within the latest mobile operating system. Hence, it is more intelligent technology, which will interconnect the entire world without limits. Likewise, our world would have universal and uninterrupted access to information, communication, and entertainment that will open a new dimension to our lives and will change our life style meaningfully.

Moreover, governments and regulators can use this technology as an opportunity for the good governance and can create healthier environments, which will definitely encourage continuing investment in 5G, the next generation technology.


On April 7, 2020 evening after my daily studies as a student (Rexford West), I start my leisure time work that’s blogging so I found a story relating to covid-19 in my country (Ghana) and the article was about government putting some measures in place that those that the covid-19 lockdown has affected should call some particular number for food items. So after publishing, I posted the link on a youth social media page where we normally share Ideas. And I was like kindly inform your family’s home Both NDC and NPP are really working.

Then a little augment started some were saying is NPP in power so NDC has nothing to do with this some were also saying they are all working. Whiles the augment was going on a gentleman by name Kodzo Asamany decided to educate with is comment. And this is how he put it

They are all Ghanaians charle

Ghana is working

I believe if the opposition party was in power they would have done same considering the fact that it’s  an election year too. Everyone will take the advantage and do something to go in their favor. After all is the money NPP money? I believe its tax payers money included together with the funds being raised by both NPP and NDC fellows.

These funds thingy the president has set up, I’m sure NDC fellows are also contributing. We have private sectors like absa among the rest also giving out 1 million figures to support the fight. Are we saying the owner of absa is an NPP fellow that’s why he’s doing so? 

NPP and NDC are all donating. It can’t be done by one person sometimes we forget so soon. You remember  years back when Ebola came around for visiting, the opposition party quickly closed our borders and some health centers were set up for emergency cases if there happens to be any and we never even recorded cases but you know we do forget so soon which is understandable because if the mind is made up not to support you, no matter what you do, you wont get that support. Sometimes when you constructively criticize a government in power people think you are doing politics yet there are a lot of people who root for government in power but are suffering more than those in opposition so what’s the big deal here?

Sometimes your party will be in power but even food to eat will be a problem. Your parents will even be saying there is no money in the house.

Because of politics people can’t even be kind to others anymore because the moment they do it they will be called out and they will be mocked yet we are the same people sitting in various churches making several request from God. I believe it is time the typical Ghanaian youth apply wisdom in their decision making as to who they are rooting for. Enough of the family root politics where if i was born into a family where all members support one party, we also join the queue. It is that bad in such a way that even if one member of the family decides to support a political party different from the majority and he or she in a point in time going through a phase of difficulties, they would have to remind him or her of the political party this fellow supports which is rather sad in a typical Ghanaian home. I believe we should be able to support any political party of our choice but their works shouldn’t be undermined and also we should be able to take constructive criticism from opponents…

 ibe Ghana we dey, the future of our beloved country depends on our character in as much as we try to defend the wrongs of our leaders just because we are die hard fans and supporters, we also in a way embrace  and accept their failures. They keep spoon feeding us with failed policies and cant speak against it but when you do, you become a target of hatred.

Let’s wake up Chale NPP NDC we all be Ghanaians.


I had come out of what I will call the most toxic relationship of my life. I had been made to feel so worthless I felt less of a human

To me that was it.
I was done.
I decided to close my mind to relationships and dating and I meant that indefinitely
I just wanted to concentrate on me…
Pick myself up and love myself
Make a better version out of myself
I relocated to start all over
I started a new job and grad school.
Life was good
I was doing me and living the best of my life
Ow yeah…there’s no denying the fact that I did feel lonely from time to time and even envied my friends and families who were either married or in stable relationships but Hey…I cannot come and kill myself
I was single and happy

Then an amazing thing happened
Two years on…while on my healing and loving myself adventure,I meet this wonderful guy
Very amazing dude
We clicked effortlessly
I could be me around him
We gossiped…we laughed…we travelled…it was good
To me, he was my ONE
I let go of myself easily for him
And yes he claimed me as much I did him

Fact, I was a little scared to loosen up in the beginning but he gradually pulled me into his world.
He proved himself
The early morning texts, the goodnight texts, and late-night calls.
We shared our past, the present and even planned the future.
He wanted to Wife me…yes he did
He updated me about every single happening in his life..
Life was super duper good
I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family about him.

Then things started changing
The texts were gradually reducing
Replies were getting delayed
Well the calls stopped coming in
And the “Network” and “I’m busy” complains…was just enough to make me sit up

I was hurt
I was broken
I have been rejected
The relationship ended even before it started
I blamed myself
Was I inadequate?
Was I not pretty enough?
No, I’m probably too fat or too skinny for him?
Maybe I wasn’t funny enough

I know these among other questions you have asked yourself while you wallowed in self-pity and drenched your pillow with your tears.
A relationship you highly expected is never gonna happen.

All the same…allow me to help you answer these questions.
You are more than Enough
You are beautiful.
You are handsome.
You are everything but unworthy
No he/she isn’t a bad person
He/she is just not yours

I understand it’s easier to get over a relationship that began and lasted for a while because with that you experienced both the good and bad so anytime you remember such you remember the bad and understand the reason why you had to walkout
But it’s not same for a relationship that ended before it even begun because with that you only witnessed the great and the good and anticipated the best but Hey…It is time and overdue to let go.

You can do it
Cry as much as you can
But get up afterwards
Dust off and keep going
You may never get closure but move on

Rejected doesn’t mean denied
Go out there and be the best version of yourself because you deserve every happiness you can ever think of.

Tindy Writes



Integrity: Adhering to moral principles, honesty and the equality or condition of being whole and undivided.

Cheating: to deprive someone of something valuable by the use of deceit.

Most, if not all of us need and very much desire physical intimacy (yes, sex). Can I say sx on here? I’m not sure but sx is like the greatest thing ever invented. It is right up there with eating and sleeping. Everyone likes it, everybody wants it but when someone is in an exclusive relationship with another, married or not, you don’t get to have sx with whoever you want anymore. True, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, no one is perfect and at sometimes we are weak for one reason or another but an honorable man or woman, a person with integrity and inner discipline recovers and learn from the mistake and doesn’t repeat it. That is not what cheaters do.

Cheaters are habitual. That means repeat offenders. Cheaters talk about things like honor and will power and integrity but they don’t practice in in the place it counts the most, with their beloved. With cheaters, it isn’t about a “Mistake”, a one-time thing they feel horrible about afterwards and promise themselves never to repeat. Cheaters simply don’t care. it’s not that they don’t care about the girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancé or spouse that they have made a promise of commitment to.

They do care, they just care more about themselves. It is the promise of faithfulness itself that is meaningless to them. It is simply empty of any real sincerity but the problem is that the promise is accepted by the loved on as sincere. That promise is relied upon and as important as though it were tangible. So irrespective of how much the cheater spits upon the promise every time he or she cheats, that promise is HOLY. Yes, that’s right “Holy”

What does that mean holy?

Like a church holy or holy water holy?

Well, one could argue that any promise is holy but how much more so when a person believes and loves and trust and love makes the promise holy. It is not the hollow promise itself, but the loving reliance upon the promise that creates the holiness. The pure beauty of love and faith that is returned exclusively to the beloved.

The true sadness is that the beloved will eventually find out about the cheater and then the house of cards will come tumbling down. not only is the relationship destroyed but the trust, faith and love is destroyed as well and it may be difficult to ever trust again and any relationship. Such immense pain can be caused. Amazingly, cheaters don’t seem to care or think about the consequences of these indiscretions. do any of them think ahead of time about the people and/god forbid, children that will be left lying if any in the wake of this utterly selfish act? The people that will be left trying to pick up the pieces of their hearts and try to rationalize whether anything that they believed in was real.